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Saturday, 1 August 2020

paragraph on durga puja

                                                      Durga puja

paragraph on durga puja -

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short paragraph on durga puja

Of all the festivals in the Hindu Calendar, the Durga Puja is the greatest festival of the Hindus of Bengal, and all over India. It takes place generally in the month of Aswin. it is a very costly festival but rich people and poor people both celeberate it and they all enjoy it.

Festival Durga puja is celeberated for ten days. It is also called DUSHERA.In Durga puja Hindus worship 10 morph of Goddess Durga.
 Goddess Durga stands on the back of a huge lion. she has ten hands. She fights with a demon with her ten different weapons, She has two daughters, They are Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and Sarswati, the goddess of Learning. They stand on two sides of their Mother. Their two brothers, kartik and Ganesh sit beside them.
For three days the statue of these gods are worshipped along with their mother goddess Durga . The puja begin from the seventh day of the moon (Chandra ghanta).  Flower's and sweets are offered to her. The sacred slokas from teh "Chandi" are read out by the prist. On the last day, the vijya dashmi people immersed the statue of goddess Durga in the holy river Ganga.
The Durga puja is a ceremony of great joy to the Hindus, schools, colleges, universities, courtes and offices remain closed for many days. The joy of the children knows no bunds. They put on new clothes and shoes .
It is undoubtly a happy time for all. On the "VIJAYA DASHMI" day people meet together after immersion. The juniors touch the feet of their seniors and are blessed by them.

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paragraph on durga puja

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