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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Jio glass

                                   Jio glass


Reliance conduct 43 annual General meeting (AGM) on 15 july 2020 in this meeting Reliance announces the gadget which is going to use mostly in the future or which is going to be a game changing idea in the market, In this meeting Reliance bring a surprise in the interaction with virtual reality.
Reliance has annouced a Jio glass in this meeting which is going to interact with virtual reality with holographic content.
In this picture this is the first look of Jio glass.
we can feel the virtual reality through this glass we can take a example like if we are watching the any beautiful place like Tajmahal in virtual world then we only look that and dont feel but through Jio glass we can see and we can feel it and interact with virtual world. That's why this is going to be very helpful in next years after Covid 19 pandemic because we can see there are many changes in the work in the world, in our country.

What is Virtual Reality?

It is use of Computer Technology to Create a simulated environment.
Unlike traditional user interfaces , VR places the user inside an experience.
Instead of viewing a screen in Front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds.

what is Virtual Reality Headset?
 A head -Worn apparatus that completely covers the eyes for an immersive 3D experience.
Also called " VR GOGGLES ".

Whether within the goggles or relying on the smartphone.
VR headsets use some combination of accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and proximity sensor to detect the user's motion.

Specification of Jio Glass?
Jio Glass is a Mixed Reality headset that is lighter than most products in the market.(75gms)
It pairs with your smartphone using a cable and allows you to make holographic Video calls, conduct meetings, classes, etc in a Virtual, 3D environment.
In the post Covid world, the work culture , learning experince etc.
Is changing at a rapid pace.
Calls can be made using Jio Glass by simply saying "Hello Jio, Please call..."
Users can join the call using not only holographic video calls as well as 2D Video.

Another thing is Augmented reality which is the first step towards the virtual reality so the Augmented reality is differ than Virtual Reality.


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