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Saturday, 27 June 2020

Fair & Lovely to drop 'Fair" from name

                                          Fair & Lovely
                                 To drop 'Fair' from name
                               FROM 'FAIR AND 'LOVELY'
                                       'ONLY LOVELY'
  • As the Hindustan Lever embraces ' & Lovely'  and abandons its unfair perscuasion to many generation of Indians to grow 'lighter' the glamour industry is taking stock of its implications.
  • The flood of commentary speaks volumes of the strandlehold skin tone has had on the commerce around beautiful and desirable, blighting a nation of immense colour diversity.
  • The product is sold in many countries in Asia, namely India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, pakistan to name a few.
  • Fair & Lovely has been criticised for years now, because its advertising and packaging used to suggest that if you have a fair complexion, you are an achiever. And if your skin is anything but fair , you need to work on yourself and your confidence. But,in the last few years, the brand has evolved, and has tried to portray more sensitivity in its advertisments.        
                             WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  
  • 'Colourism' as the practice in the glamour world is also known as is perhaps the most visible form of racism in the subcontinent
  • Published matrimonial ads routinely signal fair and wheatish complexioned as human shade cards. 'Faie & Lovely. in its decades of existence, had regularly advertised an association of faimess with a marriage, a job as an airhostess, and even as a doctor.
     SO WHY MIGHT FAIR & LOVELY HAVE ABANDONED                                                    'FAIR'   
  • In the light of Black Lives matter, look at what is happening. This may have been done to avoid a court case and being sued. Opinion has swung dramatically now, and there is anger. After all, when they launched the product and it was there for decades, it was response to customer sentiment and the market that drove them. It may be similar thinking now too.
  • Nina Davuluri, the New york-based actor, producer, the first woman of Asian descent to win the Miss America title in 2014,  and creator of a docuseries called COMPLEXION, had written an open letter to Alan Hope at Unilever on june 23, calling upon him to take back skin lightening products. Daculuri spoke from her personel experience- after being crowned Miss America, articles were published that asked "if Miss America was too dark to ever be Miss India'
  •  Actor Nandita Das, an active voice compaigning against racism in the world of the performing arts, welcomes abandoning the 'Fair' in Fair & Lovely, but says "The fact it took so long for even a global company to stop spending crores on advertising on the absurd message of fair IS lovely should tell us how much longer it will take it to defeat the notion.
  • "Today is not the day to complain about the Better late than never for HUL. While brands can only use the existing prejudice to their advantage, changing the narrative will spark the much needed conservation aroung the issue of colourism."

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